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                                                                     HAJJ  VISA 

It is the wish of every Muslim that they should perform Hajj at least once in their life, so they can their devotion to Allah. However, before undertaking this holy journey it is also essential that a Muslim should also have an idea about the requirements of Hajj visa. So they will not face any problem in gaining the visa. Therefore, British Hajj Travel Ltd has created a list of Hajj visa requirements 2017 that can prove quite useful for any Muslim.

Hajj Visa Requirements:

1. The passport of the applicant must have six months validity and it should be acceptable for entry in Saudi Arabia and next destination. Moreover, applicant’s passport should have at least two free visa    pages, which must be adjacent to one another.

2. Applicants also need to submit their latest passport size coloured picture in white background along with the visa application and passport. Keep in mind that your picture should show your full-face view rather than a side or angled pose that are not accepted by the embassy. (Your travel agent can ask you for two pictures, as they will use one for the visa form and other for group ID card.)

3. Applicants need to make sure that they should submit a duly completed visa application and it must be filled with black ink of printer or pen. In addition, their application form must be stamped and signed by an authorized travel agent.

4. Mahrams need to write down complete details of their children and spouse or any other relative who is going to travel with them. Besides that they also need to provide copies of birth andmarriage certificates with the form.

5. Women under 45 years of age can undertake this holy journey only with a Mahram and the proof of their relationship should also be submitted with the application. On the other hand, women over 45 years of age can perform Hajj without a mahram.However, they need to travel with an organized groupand also need toprovide an authentic no objection certificate from their mahrams.

6. Before applying for Hajj visa applicant also need to have non-refundable round-trip tickets with them that have confirm reservations.

7. Certificates of meningitis and ACYW135 vaccinations should also be produced by the applicant. In case, children above 15 years of age are accompanying you then, similar vaccination certificates are required for them too. If infants or children below the age of 15 years are coming along with you then, you should also provide their polio and meningitis vaccination reports with the form. (Make sure that the vaccination certificate should not be issued more than 3 years ago and less than ten days before entering in Saudi Arabia).

8. It is obligatory that every pilgrim must submit two authentic cheques or cashier cheques that should be payable to ‘Unified Agents Office’ in Jeddah to acquire pilgrimage services. Like guides, agents, Zamzam water, tent accommodation in Arafat and Mina as well as transportation expense. Pilgrims can submit one cheque instead of two if they combine the fees. Pilgrims have to pay just half of the amount if children accompanying them are seven to fifteen years old. They do not need to pay a single penny if their children are below seven year age. These cheques must have the passport number and name of the pilgrim along with the place and date of issue. You can learn the exact amount of fee from your nearest Saudi Consulate.
9. Pilgrims, who are not the citizens of the country, must provide authentic proof of their residence status. Otherwise, Saudi government has the right to send them back at their own expense.

10. The Saudi embassy will not grant Hajj visa to a child who is legally below eighteen years of age and is not accompanied by any relative or family.

11. Those, who have converted to Islam needs to produce a certificate from an Islamic centre which will certify that they are Muslim.

                 Download Visa Application Form (.pdf)